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Multi-Passenger Carts

Multi-Passenger Carts

Comprehensive Multi-Passenger Carts

Are you in need of a vehicle that can transport your clients, employees or guests inside large premises? EMB Golf Carts provides you with multi-passenger carts of all sizes that can accommodate 4-8 passengers.

Customized Multi-Passenger Carts

You can get your multi-passenger carts customized as per your needs. We can add a bed frame in the back of your cart to hold your load. 

Learn more about the types and models of multi-passenger carts at www.clubcar.com that you'd like to purchase. We sell carts that are:
  • Gas and electric
  • For personal use
  • Customized
  • For business use
  • Able to hold 4-8 passengers
  • Equipped with radios and lift kits
To get 

If you're looking to purchase a multi-passenger cart, call to interact with our knowledgeable team of experts today!

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